About the


lucky mutant

She is an intergalactic traveler, enjoying the ride in this beautiful universe. 

Her mission? Bring and spread the luck around the earth, wherever you come from she is here for you !


Season 1 :

Lucky Mutant is a collection of 50 UNIQUE and LUCKY Mutants (1/1) hand drawn and randomly generated by a Japanese artist. 

- Our first drop will be on easyCNFT the 24th of november 2021 (06:00pm UTC) for the 10 firsts Mutants ;

- Next drop of 20 more Mutants will be in December 2021 ;

- Final drop of 20 Last Mutant 1.1 in January 2022.

Price : 29 $Ada

Check out our COLLECTION section ;)


The firsts Lucky Mutant 1.0 have been minted as test and are for sale for 15 ADA only.


Season 2 :

We will have an other collection for our second season during 2022, we will use algorythms to have a bigger collection (between 500 to 10000).

Stay tuned for preview and talk on our discord and Twitter.



About the



"My name is Ayumi, I am a young Japanese artist born on the island of Hokkaido.

A am passionate about art, nature, misteries of the world, universe.

I naturally ended up in the NFT world, it's a good opportunity for the artists to show their art.

I really hope you will enjoy my world, let's spread the luck together." 


Lucky Mutant 1.0

Asset Name: LUCKY MUTANT 1.0




Quantity: 10/10 avalaible


Policy: 1e0ce1e30c7a2917c6c15b56b39b87289c59d9000c033295ba597dad


Link to buy :